A Thanksgiving Mystery Program.

WHEN: Postponed--Check periodically for updates.

WHERE:. At the LDF Community Presbyterian Church. 

WHAT: Prepare your sleuthing skills to solve the mystery of who purloined Tom Turkey. 

A synopsis of the program:  Every Thanksgiving, The Cranberry and Peaknuckle families gather at the Cranberry home in Pilgrim City--an isolated town in the Midwest.  Chef Mo, a famous molecular gastronomy chef, is set to prepare Tom Turkey, as the Cranberry's traditionally call their feast.  Chef Mo promises to use innovative techniques this year, and everybody is excited!

This year, Morgan Cranberry has fun party games planned for the day while the food is being prepared. Of course, the family loves to catch up on gossip, as well.  You wouldn't miss the Cranberry/Peanuckle holiday festivities, so you've made your travel plans.  This is where  your story begins...

Plan to participate or just bring your favorite Autumn dish to share; just click the "SIGN UP HERE!" button above.  That will take you to the "CONTACT US" section of the site where you can enter your name, email address and then in the space provided you can tell us what you plan to do, i.e. participate as a character in the mystery and/or bring your favorite fall dish to share along with Chef Mo's Tom Turkey.   When you have completed the information asked of you, click SEND and voila you have enrolled and will be contacted about your specific role in the Mystery. 

And now for some fun.  Following is a list of names in scrambled form.  They will be part of the Tom Turkey Mystery.  So sharpen your sleuthing skills and solve these riddles.  Send your solutions via the directions above starting with clicking the "SIGN UP HERE" button above.

KUTRYE EGL                                           RACVE ETH YKTRUE

DAMEHS PASTTOOE                              SPAS HET NORC


YVGAR                                                     NGGSHAKIVITN YAD DEARAP 

BERACYRNR EUACS                              RENNDI  LOLR

NRINDE BATLE                                        EAPS NDA RACTOSR

DLAAS ELATP                                          TEIWH  NEIW

BOGTLES                                                 CICOLRBO




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First day of winter    Dec. 21, 2019 

Christmas Eve   Dec. 24, 2019 

Christmas Day   Dec. 25, 2019 

New Year’s Eve/Watch Night  Dec. 31, 2019 

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